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Fresh Christmas Turkeys

Dear Valued Customers,

As we prepare for the 2017 Christmas turkey season we are filled with both sadness and optimism for the future. For the first time since 1977 we will not be bringing turkeys to Calgary for distribution to our cherished, loyal and wonderful customers.  Changes in our business have required we adjust our turkey delivery schedule. We can assure you that the retailers’’ whom we supply will continue to welcome you. We have listed those locations on our website for you. We will continue to have an ample supply of fresh turkeys available to pick up at the farm.

We deeply thank each and everyone of you; both those who have supported us through generations and those who have been on board for a short time. Lasting friendships and deep connections have been made that will never be lost or forgotten. You have watched our family grow up and witnessed our business evolve, we cherish your valued contribution to our lives. We reflect on the cold days where you patiently stood in line shivering, the heartwarming occasions where we met customers’ new babies and grand children; all of us sharing a real appreciation for the quality that our turkey promised. We have been blessed to be part of your family’s traditions. Thank you for your loyalty, we look forward to seeing those of you who chose to take the short drive to the farm to pick up your turkey. We wish each and everyone of you all of the best, and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Darrel and Corinne

Laurel and Lyle

Curtis and Heather


Fresh Turkey Pick Up

We have an ample supply of fresh turkeys available for Christmas this year. Our customers can pick up their fresh turkey(s) directly from us or visit one of the fabulous retailers that carry our product. If you wish to purchase directly from us, we will be meeting our customers at Winter’s Turkey Farm. We will be at Winter’s Turkey Farm on Thursday December 21st from 6 pm– 8 pm and Saturday December 23rd from 9 am – 12 pm.


Free Range turkeys will be in the 8 – 9 kgs and 11- 13 kgs size range, priced at $8.38/kg.

Organic Heirloom turkeys will be in the 7 kgs size range, priced at $13.42/kg.


Along with fresh turkeys we will also have:

Fresh Single Breast Roasts: $21.90/kg (0.8 – 1.5 kg)

Fresh Thigh Roasts: $22.90/kg (0.8 – 1.25 kgs)

Fresh Smoked Turkeys: $13.42/kg (6 – 7 kg)


Please be assured that we will have plenty of turkeys available. Placing an order is not necessary.

We accept cash or cheque or credit card.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Merry Christmas!

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