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How to Carve a Turkey | Winters Turkeys

When the bird is done roasting, let it stand for 20-25 minutes. This allows the juices to redistribute resulting in succulent slices of meat and easier carving.

Begin with a sharp 8 inch chef’s knife, place turkey, breast side up, on large cutting board (a damp cloth under the board keeps it from slipping around on the counter).

Two helpful hints to easy turkey carving are following the contours of the bird and locating the joints. Place all of the sliced turkey on a warmed serving platter.

Start by slicing through the meat between the breast and the leg, press the thigh outward to locate the hip joint, it is where the thigh and leg form their sharpest angle. Cut through the joint, once properly located this should be easy because you are not cutting through any bone. Slice medallions from the leg, turning is so you can carve all of the meat.

Remove the larger pieces of meat from either side of the thigh bone. Slice these larger thigh pieces, across the grain of the meat, leaving the skin attached to each slice.

Remove the wings before you carve the breast meat. Pull the wing away from the body and cut through the joint between the wing and the breast to separate the wing from the bird. Cut the wing in half, at the joint, to serve.

With the tip of knife cut along the length of the breastbone. Slice along the line of the rib cage and remove the entire half breast. Cut thin or thick slices from the breast, slicing across the grain of the meat.

Let the feast begin.

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