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Winter's Turkey Easter Basket Box

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Winter's Turkey Easter Basket Box

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This box is filled with delicious and healthy meats to complete weeknight dinners and on the go snacks. All products are made with 100% turkey meat raised on our Alberta farm. There are no fillers, nitrates, gluten or dairy in our products. The box includes:

Easter Special Box - $80.00/box

- 1 Breast Roast approximately 1.25kg

- 1 Asian Marinated Turkey Breast Stir-Fry 454g

- 2 containers of Turkey Bone Broth 575 ml each

- 1 package Ground Turkey 454g

- 1 Turkey Pepperoni 454g

- 2 Turkey Maple Breakfast Sausage 250g each

Easter Baskets will be ready for pick up at Hilton Stone, 8 am to 4 pm, April 4th - 14th.

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