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Winter’s Turkeys raises turkeys fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas markets. Winter’s Turkeys also has a wide variety of frozen products that are available year round. All of our product is made from 100% turkey meat: including ground, patties, sausage, jerky, bone broth and marinated meats.

All Winter’s Turkey products are gluten free, dairy free, nitrate free and made with no added MSG.

Free Range and Organic Free Difference

Free Range

  • No animal by-products
  • Unlimited access to the outdoors
  • Diet supplemented with organic greens, forage and hay

Certified Organic

  • Certified Organic by ECOCERT CANADA
  • Includes and extends the Free Range Protocol
  • All rations are certified organic
  • Restricted use of disinfectants and other products and procedures as prescribed by the governing certification body

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