Grilled Margarita Turkey Roast
This marinade can work with any cut, from Tenders, to Roasts, to even a whole Turkey! Make sure to save some of the marinade for the cook.
  • 1 Winter’s Turkey thigh or breast roast
  • 1cup water
  • 1cup Tequila
  • 4tbs Triple Sec Liqueur
  • 4tbs coarse salt
  • 2tbs sugar
  • 1tbs cayenne pepper
  • juice of 4 limes
  1. Place the turkey in a large freezer bag or container with an air-tight lid.
  2. Dissolve sugar, and salt in with water, tequila, and Triple Sec then pour over turkey until it is covered.
  3. Add cayenne pepper, and limes to the bag or container. Shake and marinade for 2-24 hours.
  4. Place turkey on Grill preheated to high, sear the edges, turning every 3 min. After searing, turn off the burner under the turkey and cook with indirect heat from other burners. The roast is finished when internal temperature is 175 Fahrenheit. Remove turkey from grill and allow it to rest for 15 min before serving.