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Winter’s turkey farm is located approximately 30 km east of Calgary. The turkeys on our farm are raised humanely with high consideration for their comfort, health and well being. They have plenty of space to range in the sunshine and fresh air. We raise free range, certified organic and heirloom turkeys. Fresh turkeys are available at Thanksgiving and Christmas and frozen turkeys and products are available year round from various retail outlets or direct from the farm.

Please feel free to call us with any of your turkey product needs and any questions. Contact us to discuss your order.

More on Winter's Turkeys

Spanning four generations our family has been raising turkeys on our Alberta farm near Dalemead.

Some of our favourite Turkey recipes from Friends Family and years of preparing
fresh & frozen Turkeys.

Fresh turkeys are available at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ask your local retailer for Winter’s turkeys & products into their store.

Answers to all your Free Range and Organic Turkey questions and more.

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